Licensed Home Inspectors

Can Licensed Home Inspectors perform Electrical Inspections?

What is an Electrical Inspection?

As defined by the State of Ohio:

In other words, it is impossible to comment on the inside of an electrical panel without citing code.

Why do Home Inspectors perform Electrical Inspections?

Simply because a national organization requires them to do so. This even though it is in violation of Ohio law.

So should I hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor?

NO! A licensed electrical contractor is only licensed to perform commercial work. Plus you need pass no test to work for a license holder.

What about a Professional Engineer?

Again, NO! Nor is an architect allowed to perform an electrical inspection.

Ohio required certification even before certifying residential building departments.

Ohio did not start certifying residential 1, 2, 3 family building departments until 2006. At that time the requirements for electrical inspections had been the law for over 35 years.

Why can't a Home Inspector remove an electrical panel cover?

Because the inside of an electrical panel is NOT "readily accessible" and it is dangerous to remove the cover from an energized panel!

(C) "Home inspection" means the process by which a home inspector conducts a visual examination of the readily accessible components of a residential building for a client

(G) "Readily accessible" means available for visual inspection without requiring a person to move or dismantle personal property, take destructive measures, or take any other action that will involve risk to a person or to the property.