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What is an Electrical Inspection

3783.01 (B) The “practice of electrical inspection” includes any ascertainment of compliance with the Ohio building code, or the electrical code of a political subdivision of this state by a person, who, for compensation, inspects the construction and installation of electrical conductors, fittings, devices, and fixtures for light, heat or power services equipment, or the installation, alteration, replacement, maintenance, or repair of any electrical wiring and equipment that is subject to any of the aforementioned codes.Learn More

Who can perform an Electrical Inspection

This is Ohio’s current list of all Electrical Inspectors who hold a Certificate of Competency as an Electrical Safety Inspector.Learn More

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Who is an Electrical Inspector

(A) “Electrical safety inspector” means a person who is certified as provided in Chapter 3783. of the Revised Code.Learn More

About this Page

The Electrical Inspection is one of the most important inspections that you can have before you purchase a home.

For years now, over 20, this vital inspection has been performed by individuals who are not certified by the state. Specifically, Home Inspectors.

Professional Engineers are also not qualified to perform an electrical inspection.

Not even a Licensed Electrical Contractor.

Only an Electrical Safety Inspector.

97% of those is the Real Estate industry do not know this.


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